Friday, 12 February 2016

Outline Art Exhibition

Anne Mychalkiw is exhibiting embroideries at the Foxlowe Gallery, Leek,Staffordshire.            
Here's a taster of what to expect. 

Leek is a great,little market town with lots of individual shops. The Foxlowe Gallery has a very nice cafe.

Bridget Bowie will also be displaying her textile work too. She is a member of Cheshire Textiles.


  1. Love the embroideries you've shown, Anne. The exhibition sounds a really interesting one with a wide variety of pieces on show. It will be well worth a visit.

    1. Thanks I think you would enjoy the exhibition. Some people do printing and that's usually interesting to look at too. There's a real variety of styles and all the artists exhibit regularly.

  2. Loevely work Anne, thanks for sharing